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Honduras, Costa Rica 

Spiritual Care Consultants (SCC) is a nonprofit ministry that strives to develop a person’s short-term and long-term spiritual care by acting as a vessel for Christ’s healing work. In other words, those who work with SCC desire to see the hearts and souls of hurting people healed, and they want this healing to be lifelong—not just a one-time event.

This is a desire that SCC, in collaboration with Shekinah Revival Ministries and the First Presbyterian Church of Hastings, is taking beyond the borders of Michigan, beyond the borders of the United States, and into the Latin American countries of Honduras and Costa Rica.

In fact, since July 2015, Pastor Gale Kragt, co-founder of SCC, has traveled with Pastor Fred Gulker and Shekinah Revival Ministries to La Ceiba, Honduras, where they minister to the people of the fifty Casa de Dios Churches.

Prior to embarking on this endeavor, however, Pastor Kragt, had been talking with Pastor Wilford Dilbert from Honduras, overseer of Casa de Dios, about SCC’s desire to bring healing to people through the resource called the Heart of Healing. With confirmation on the desperate need, the SCC Heart of Healing was translated into Spanish.

During that first trip to Honduras, the team saw first-hand the hurt that robbed Honduras, the incredible need for healing and restoration. So, the team trained 300 church leaders in the Heart of Healing. Wanting long-term effects of healing, the team started training Calixta Rosa Connor and Azizi Hernandez to oversee the spiritual care program in Honduras by Skype.

Now, Casa de Dios is connected to a network of over 50 churches that are spread out over seven of the 18 departments of Honduras, thus greatly impacting the nation with the message of health and healing.

Similarly, in November of 2016, Pastor Kragt and the other SCC co-founder, Troy Carlson, MD, were invited by the First Presbyterian Church of Hastings to San Jose, Costa Rica as a part of a medical missionary team led by Jim Spindler, MD. The medical team settled in La Carpio, and the SCC team spread out to Tirrases and Pavas: three major slum areas in Costa Rica.

Oftentimes, when people think of Costa Rica, they think of an enjoyable time; they think of vacation resorts by the beach, and they apply this misconception of Costa Rica to the entire country and its people, imagining a wealthy, prosperous place.

That’s simply not the case.

When people think of Costa Rica, they often fail to think of the slums—the extreme poverty, the relocated Nicaraguan refugees living on a landfill in a squatter’s camp, the gangs, the drug and alcohol abuse, the human trafficking, and a host of other problems.

And these problems affect not only the physical wellbeing of the people of Costa Rica, but they also affect their mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In a country that lacks the resources to get better, the damaging effects of these circumstances can be detrimental.

As a result, the job of the SCC team was to train and equip over 200 leaders with the Heart of Healing, the same resource used to minister to the people of Honduras. There, the team ministered and brought healing to Costa Rica’s people, including the local leaders, training them to bring healing to their own people.

Since that first trip in 2015, Spiritual Care Consultants has been firmly established in both countries and seeing God do amazing things like:

  1. Putting a Joseph Barn in both countries to help feed the hungry. Between 2020 and 2022 SCC has donated over $30,000 to feed people suffering during the pandemic.
  2. Working with a Mountain Rehab in Costa Rica that rescues underaged girls from sex trafficking, drugs & prostitution. Equipping them in the SCC children’s process.
  3. Helping with Extreme Camp in Costs Rica. This is where young people are brought together from the different gangs and given an extreme God experience. Then, they are given the choice to leave the gangs and start a new life. Pastor Christian and his team are amazing warriors to work with.
  4. SCC helped build the Living Waters Center in La Carpio. La Carpio is the largest slum in Costa Rica where over forty thousand women and children live in abject poverty. Eighty percent of them have been abused. La Carpio is built on top of a garbage dump.
  5. We have trained over six hundred pastors and leaders in the SCC process, between Honduras and Costa Rica. This process continues to this day.
  6. Ministering in numerous churches in both countries.
  7. Yearly trips are made to both countries working with the SCC teams there and with our different partners within both countries.

We Need Your Support

With the help of your funding and prayer, SCC can keep training local pastors and lay leaders in in the slums, carrying out the healing effort to all of Costa Rica. Not only that, but your help will allow SCC and the Shekinah team to continue being a conduit for God’s healing in Honduras.

Money donated will be used to fund the translation of materials from English to Spanish; the reproduction of materials; the support of local program leaders; travel and food expenses; and training and local administrative costs.

SCC would like to thank those who have donated and prayed. Such efforts helped to make past mission trips successful.

If the Lord leads you to donate, click on the link below.

For those who wish to donate in person or by mail, make checks payable to Spiritual Care Consultants and write “missions” in the memo line.

Thank you for your prayer and consideration.

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:8, NIV).